Quality Assurance Engineer(Automation Testing)

Work Type: Full Time
Job Description:Quality Assurance Engineer(Automation Testing)

Role Details
POSITION: QA Engineer 
Location: Bangalore/Remote

About SCRUT Automation
Scrut Automation is an information security and compliance monitoring platform, aimed at helping small and medium cloud-native enterprises develop and maintain a robust security posture, and comply with various infosec standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and the like with ease. With the help of the Scrut platform, customers reduce their manual effort for security and compliance tasks by 70%, and build real-time visibility of their security posture.

Founded by IIT/ISB/McKinsey alumni, the founding team has over 15 years of combined Infosec experience. Scrut is built out of India for the world, with customers across India, APAC, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Scrut is backed by Lightspeed Ventures, MassMutual Ventures and Endiya Partners, along with prominent angels from the global SaaS community.

Overview of the Job Profile
Scrut Automation is looking for an experienced senior QA engineer to oversee all aspects of  software and product testing within the company. This may include developing test strategies, drawing up test documents, identifying faults, and reviewing QA reports. 

To ensure success as a senior QA engineer you should have extensive experience in analytics, high-level problem-solving skills, and the ability to project manage. A top-notch senior QA engineer ensures the smooth running of the QA and ultimately customer satisfaction.

● Meeting with the software/product designers to determine quality assurance parameters. 
● Designing QA test procedures. 
● Drafting of testing documents. 
● Implementing testing procedures and overseeing the QA process. 
● Troubleshooting quality issues and modifying test procedures. 
● Conducting analysis checks on product specifications. 
● Developing Quality Assurance reports. 
● Ensuring the successful deployment of products into the market. 
● Responding to requests from the design and leadership team. 
● Planning and coordinating test activities 
● Ensuring all bugs and issues are resolved by conducting regression testing 
● Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in testing procedures and tools

● Bachelor’s degree in computer science, product management or relevant field. 
● Previous experience as a QA engineer in a mid-size company 
● 2-4 years of experience in an automation testing role 
● At least 2+ yrs quality assurance experience in Agile Development environments 
● Familiarity with Agile Software Development Methodologies 
● Minimum experience with Manual testing tools or equivalent skills 
● Defines problems, collects data, establishes facts, draws valid conclusions, and provides 
● Identifies, communicates and escalates issues as required 
● A team player and self-starter who will work side by side with the development team 
● Ability to multi-task, prioritize tasks and quickly adjust in a rapidly changing environment 
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
● Thorough working knowledge of software testing methodologies and the testing life cycle

Why should this job excite you?
● Opportunity to make an early impact on one of the most promising, high-growth SaaS startups in India 
● A high-performing action-oriented team 
● Immense exposure to the founders and the leadership 
● Opportunity to shape the future of the B2B SaaS Technology team with YOUR innovative ideas 
● The competitive compensation package, benefits, and employee-friendly work culture

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